Crypto Trading Guide

Hello there….before start thinking about trade in Crypto World you have to read this well and arrange your target.

  • You Must Know how much you gone to invest let’s etc as 100 USD.
  • You Must Know Capital Management Process for this 100 USD.
  • If your target is increase your btc so you will have balance with 50 USD BTC and another 50 Dollar as USD Pax or Tether.
  • Now we divided our balance to 50 % for trade and another 50 % is save as dollars.
  • 50 Dollar BTC we will go to 5 Alt coins and buy with 10 dollar in each one with trade signals so we have 5 Deals.
  • Always be patient if market go up or down don’t use your USD Pax or Tether Balance cause it will help you too much to win more.