National Police in Spain Warn of Surge in Cryptocurrency-Related Scams

The National Police have issued a warning for a wave of cryptocurrency-related investment scams in Spain. The amount that has been lost in these kinds of investments recently is €240,000 related to just two complaints. However, there has been a rise in the complaints presented by citizens due to the popularity that these financial instruments are experiencing now.

National Police Warn About Crypto Scams in Spain

The National Police of Spain has issued a warning to citizens about the rise of cryptocurrency-related scams in the last few days. In the two more recent complaints the national police have received alone, crypto investors have lost €240,000 (~$278,385). These two complaints stem from the city of Navarra.

This happens because the market is flooded with companies that offer cryptocurrency investment opportunities guaranteeing a high level of returns. But to guarantee these returns, the companies ask for high amounts of money as an investment. Many of these companies have profiles on social media with thousands of followers, giving an impression of legitimacy to these investors.

They manage to entice investors to put money in these platforms, and then, for a time, their digital platforms show a supposed growth in the capital invested. But when investors try to withdraw these funds, they find that it is impossible to do so. These platforms then ask for huge sums of money to withdraw funds and that is when users know they have been scammed.

How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Scam

The National Police gave a series of recommendations to avoid being the victim of an investment scam. First, it recommended potential investors do research on the background of the company or platform they are trusting with their funds. Users should be sure these companies are solvent, and that they are not mentioned in any alert issued by authorities on investment platforms.

However, if investors find themselves caught in a potential scam, police recommend filing a complaint with the authorities quickly. The police explained that “The immediacy in the detection of the crime committed facilitates its investigation.”

Spain has not been a stranger to the recent cryptocurrency boom. Local media reported that tribunals were being flooded with crypto-related cases last June. But the crypto fever has not permeated to the highest spheres of investing. As of May, the biggest asset managers in Spain were still reluctant about investing in crypto.

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